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This is not an official site of either the Church of Spiritual Technology, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Treasury Department, Scientology, or any Scientology organization, and is not approved or sanctioned by any of them. This is a public service educational news and information site about the strange relationships between the corporation known as Church of Spiritual Technology (doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the United States government. All information on site may be freely used for non-commercial purposes.
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PRESS RELEASES from the Public Research Foundation
These press releases first broke the story of Meade Emory's behind-the-scenes involvement with Scientology. When the first release hit in December 1997, it caused such a panic with some unknown parties in Congress and the Treasury Department that they leaked their formerly secret "Closing Agreement" to the Wall Street Journal just about two weeks later, and on the same day planted a story with their favorite apologist, Douglas Franz at the New York Times, implying that the poor, weak IRS had been "extorted" into the criminal pact by 2,200 lawsuits. Of course it was a giant lie, the kind Franz seems happy to tell for the government--reason unknown (and probably best left between him and IRS). Here is the historical series of press releases, now fully validated by the evidence in our chronological Documents index:

Hidden Ties Between IRS and Scientology Revealed
First wide public exposť of many important facts, including Meade Emory's involvement in the creation of CST and CST's ownership and control of all the copyrights and trademarks. This release, along with an Executive Summary, was delivered by hand to William V. Roth, Jr., Finance Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation--the very same congressional committee that Emory had been legislative attorney for. Within fifteen days, the IRS had leaked their secret Closing Agreement to the Wall Street Journal.

Co-Founders Tell Conflicting Stories
When the Public Research Foundation found out about Meade "Memory" Emory being the man behind the curtain that nobody was supposed to pay any attention to, they decided to pay some attention to him and called him up. Emory took the opportunity to lie and say he "didn't recall that he was" the founder of CST. Then PRF talked to Meade's former partner and fellow (junior) "co-founder," Leon Misterek, who cheerfully rolled over on Emory. Oops.

Church Staff and Ministers Enforcing Tax Collection
The Public Research Foundation uncovered an ugly little document, a "Scientology Policy Directive" called "PERSONAL INCOME TAXES," which only subtley threatens Scientology parishioners with excommunication if they fail to cough up what is Caesar's. Well, IRS's, really--their "personal income taxes." Then PRF found a letter from yet another of Meade's "co-founders" of CST, Lyman Spurlock, and that's when things really started looking ugly.

The "Tax Compliance Manual" Nullifies the Sea Org--Part 1 of 2
The Public Research Foundation discovered that Scientology organizations are now being run under rules laid down in a "Tax Compliance Manual" approved by CST and binding on all the organizations. In this first of a two-parter, they document how the "Sea Organization," originally set up by L. Ron Hubbard to be the senior managing organization, has been reduced by IRS and CST to nothing more than a powerless "fraternal order" having no legal standing, and from which anyone can be removed at the "sole discretion" of tax attorneys who are not, themselves, even Scientologists.

The "Tax Compliance Manual" and Tax Compliance Sections--Part 2 of 2
The next secret given up by the "Tax Compliance Manual" was that there were actual Tax Compliance Sections in every major Scientology church and organization, with a Tax Compliance Officer. What are these "churches" now: IRS Branch Offices? You betcha'.

Federal Cover-up of Scientology in Military Intelligence
The last known press release from the Public Research Foundation, this pulls all the information from the earlier ones together with some startling new information, and an analysis that since as early as 1972, the U.S. intelligence community had been using Scientology in military intelligence, particularly "remote viewing," and that their very acquisition of the Scientology they were using had itself been a clandestine foreign and domestic operation against the Scientologists. And it is undeniable that the Scientologists, and in particular the Guardian Office, was engaged in a battery of FOIA suits against every major US intelligence organization when the Guardian Office was raided by the FBI on 8 July 1977, leading inevitably to its complete dissolution five years later.

IRS Admits Secret Video Concerning IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement Leak to WSJ
A former Republican National Convention aide was secretly videotaped in questioning about the once-secret IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement having been illegally leaked to the Wall Street Journal. IRS will not release tapes.

Commissioner-Level Collusion on Scientology Closing Agreement Exposed
PRF has learned that former IRS Assistant Commissioner Meade Emory, architect of the Scientology corporate structure and Hubbard probate, was a former associate in the Commissioner's office with Howard D. Schoenfeld, who headed the IRS work group that granted exemption to Emory's Scientology creations. It was Schoenfeld who instructed IRS investigators not to follow standard IRS procedure--to look the other way--during the pre-exemption examinations and investigations.

Millions Missing from Hubbard Estate--IRS and Media Cover-up Indicated
Over $175 million appears to have disappeared from the estate L. Ron Hubbard in just six months while under the direction and control of attorneys Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller. The same three lawyers are the Special Directors of the primary beneficiary of the estate, a corporation called Church of Spiritual Technology that was created by IRS Assistant Commissioner Meade Emory, and which received the assets of the estate because of the IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement that Emory helped negotiate with IRS insider Howard D. Schoenfeld.
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