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This is not an official site of either the Church of Spiritual Technology, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Treasury Department, Scientology, or any Scientology organization, and is not approved or sanctioned by any of them. This is a public service educational news and information site about the strange relationships between the corporation known as Church of Spiritual Technology (doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library"), and the United States government. All information on site may be freely used for non-commercial purposes.
Over 10,000 Copyrights Owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)

CST owns every copyright having anything to do with Scientology or Dianetics, over 10,000 or them, and that is largly what makes it the richest and most powerful organization in the Scientology empire. It owns the copyrights to Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health. It owns the copyrights to all of the "OT Levels" and other "Advanced Technology" (AT). It owns every technical bulletin and policy letter used in training Scientologists as counselors or staff. It owns every taped lecture ever recorded by L. Ron Hubbard. It owns the "Flag Orders" used in running the Sea Organization.

It owns everything.

CST hides behind the fraudulent fictitious business name of "L. Ron Hubbard Library" for its published works to deceive the buying public into believing:

A. that it's a library when it isn't, and,

B. that the only works it publishes are actually all written by L. Ron Hubbard when they aren't, and,

C. that it isn't the control center over all of Scientology when it is.

It unquestionably is. It's the 501(c)(3) corporation that owns and fully controls more than 10,000 copyrights, some of the works actually written by L. Ron Hubbard, others being hybrids that only appear to be by him but are actually "based on the works" of L. Ron Hubbard, or edited and altered with writings by others "for hire." Yet those "works" carry only Hubbard's name.

Although there are two databases available containing the complete records of the copyrights (scroll down page to "Library of Congress data..."), someone went to the trouble recently of publishing to usenet abstracts of those records containing only the name of the owner, the title of each work, and the Library of Congress/Copyright Office reference number for each, in alphabetical order by title. We've decided to publish that list of abstracts on our site for reference, and this page is our index to those files.


1. We've noticed that in places, there are more than a few duplicates or near duplicates in the abstracts. It would be a massive job to compare them to the databases or to the Copyright Office's online resources, so we've left them the way we found them. Part of the reason is that we have found a few seeming duplicates that have the same or very similar titles, but are different versions of that work. Since there is a good deal of evidence that, in at least some cases, this is an intentional ploy to deceive bookbuyers, we felt it more prudent to leave the records as they are until a complete reconciliation can be done. In the cases where actual duplicates are in the list, no harm is done except to the total count, as at least the record of CST's ownership of that work is available.

2. In references to the databases mentioned above, we've found that the listings below are mainly from the "Transfers" database. It seems that the majority of registrations were done by others, then transferred to CST. This was likely planned that way, since everything we have found about CST demonstrates an almost unbelieveable effort to keep its ownership and control over Scientology and the intellectual property assets, if not CST's very existence, as hidden and secret as possible. So if you want to look any of these titles up using the Copyright Office search engines, you will, in most cases, need to use the one that lists transfers of ownership rather than registrations to verify CST's ownership.


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