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Trademarks controlled by CST and IRS

The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), also known as "L. Ron Hubbard Library," in addition to owning all the copyrights related to Scientolgy, also owns all commercial interest in and controls the most important trademarks related to Scientology, Dianetics, and the "Sea Organization," thereby giving CST complete control over all the other trademarks registered by CST's subordinate corporation, Religious Technology Center (RTC). This gives IRS control of those crucial Scientology marks, too, because IRS controls CST.

Much has been made about a purported "gift" of trademarks from "L. Ron Hubbard" to the Religious Technology Center (RTC) on 10 May 1982, and RTC has been broadly promoted as the "owner" of the trademarks. But as we demonstrate conclusively below, as well as with the many documents in our chronological Documents index, the eight trademarks that supposedly were "given" to RTC were precisely selected with great premeditation by IRS's Meade Emory for the express purpose of retaining control over those marks, and, by extension, over any and all other trademarks. The much-ballyhooed "gift" was really just a clever sting operation devised by Emory and friends: as was only later revealed, Emory and his accomplices, the other tax and probate attorneys who drafted the contracts and estate papers, made sure that all commercial interest in those key trademarks remained with L. Ron Hubbard's estate, later to be transferred to "Author's Family Trust B," and in secret from there to CST, by order of IRS, thus giving CST full and final controlling interest in those eight carefully selected key marks. It was a very coldly calculated maneuver.

It was also plotted well in advance, because L. Ron Hubbard had, by blanket transfer in 1958, assigned all trademarks to HCO (later to be absorbed into the Church of Scientology of California [CSC]). Just one of several trademark records in our chronological Documents index proves that someboby was transferring important trademarks out of CSC, and back into L. Ron Hubbard's estate property as early as 1975. That "somebody" was almost certainly IRS operative and attorney Norton S. Karno, who is known to have been representing CSC as early as 1973 "against" IRS, and by late 1975 is documented as having become a trusted insider in CSC and the Guardian Office (GO). These surreptitious transfers of intellectual property back to "L. Ron Hubbard," and therefore into his estate property, were prerequisites to the plan to later fraudulently appear to "transfer" them to RTC.

This complexity had a determined, if fraudulent, purpose: to make RTC appear to be the most powerful and important corporation over Scientology, thereby hiding CST's actual ownership and control.

This report, then, doesn't pretend to be a complete catalog of all 150-odd trademarks that RTC and its lawyers can honestly claim that RTC owns. It doesn't need to be, because they are all worthless without RTC having complete ownership of the eight key trademarks. And that's the one thing Meade Emory and company made sure RTC did not get. CST has complete controlling interest in those key marks.

Immediately below is the United States Patent and Trademark Office record of the trademark "assignment" that was executed on 10 May 1982 as a "gift." Below it is a discussion of crucial points to consider, plus a breakdown of each trademark and what "goods and services"each represents, plus a discussion of what role each plays in making RTC's other "trademarks" about as valuable as graffiti on a bathroom wall. This is the exact machiavellian trademark fraud that the IRS, Meade Emory, Sherman Lenske, et al. put over on RTC, on all Scientologists, on the courts, and on the public at large.


Tuesday, 15 June 1982
Reel/Frame: 0421/0014
Date Recorded: 1982-08-02
Date Acknowledged: 1982-06-15
Assignor(s): HUBBARD, L. RON
46 EAST 70TH ST.
Serial No. Reg. No. Mark
------------- ------------ -----------------------
72025533 0678100 S
72025534 0687990 ..........
72025535 0666898 ABILITY
72310819 0877948 ..........
72334771 0898018 SCIENTOLOGY
73007908 1012452 ..........
73233761 1174579 SCIENTOLOGY
73409360 1317343 ..........
Correspondence Address: FULWIDER, PATTON, ET AL.


The first thing that seems to throw people encountering this record is that the category
BRIEF says: "ASSIGNS THE ENTIRE INTEREST AND THE GOODWILL." Quite simply, it's a lie, and a very clever lie at that. Emory and the attorneys executing this fraud knew that the Assignment Services Division of the United States Patent and Trademark Office does not examine instruments (documents) of assignment, and that "the act of recording is a ministerial act, and not a determination of the document's validity or its effect on title to an application or registration." (That's quoted from the Trademark Manual of Examing Procedure, the relevant section of which is available as a downloadable PDF document.)

But the full truth of the matter is contained in a Declaration, purportedly from the then-missing "L. Ron Hubbard," but filed in his name a court case in May of 1983 by one of Meade Emory's top assistants, Sherman Lenske, which says, in pertinent part:

"I have transferred my religious trademarks to the Religious Technology Center, but I retain full ownership of any commercial applications of the marks as well as full ownership of all my copyrights and patent rights, none of which have been transferred."

Quite a different story from the one told by the Trademark Office's mere "ministerial act" of recordation reproduced above. Of course all the commercial interests in those marks that were retained for the Hubbard estate passed over to Author's Family Trust-B, and from there to CST as a result of the IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement.

So now it's important to break down the odd collection of eight crucial trademarks to see why these particular eight were so carefully selected by Emory from the approximately 90 trademarks that were in use at the time of the fraudulent 1982 "gift."

Serial No. Reg. No. Mark/Description Goods & Services Discussion

72025533 0678100 S; S and double triangles
Tape recordings This mark for "tape recordings" gives CST and IRS control over all recorded lectures made by L. Ron Hubbard. Theseare central to every major course in Scientology. If right to use this mark were denied it would end all Scientology training.

72025534 0687990 Dianetics triangle
Books, magazines Placed on every book published on the subject of Dianetics. Denied use would stop sales of the first book, "Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health," required to be sold by every Scientology organization.

72025535 0666898 ABILITY; word mark Magazine Earliest magazine produced in Scientology; believed to be included as mere red herring.

72310819 0877948 Sea Org symbol
Indicating membership Overall controlling mark for the "Sea Organization," now merely a religious order, but still required by internal regulations for certain key organizational positions. Denial of use would severly disrupt lines of operations.

72334771 0898018 SCIENTOLOGY; word mark Bulletins, books and newsletters Mark used on every policy letter, technical bulletin, and book ever written by L. Ron Hubbard. Denial of use would eradicate Scientology worldwide.

73007908 1012452 Scientology cross
Religious and ministerial services including pastoral counseling, educational and philosophical services-namely, planning and conducting courses in the field of philosophy Mark now required in every Scientology organization and for delivery of both courses and auditing (pastor counselling). Denial of use would eradicate Scientology worldwide.

73233761 1174579 SCIENTOLOGY; word mark; CANCELLED Educational and Philosophic Services-Namely, Planning and Conducting Courses in the Field of Philosophy Mark cancelled on 13 May 1988. Believed to have been included as red herring.

73409360 1317343 Sea Org symbol
Religious and Ministerial Services Including Pastoral Counseling Mark governing delivery of all "Advanced Technology" (OT) levels and services. These services can only be delivered in a "Sea Org org." Therefore denial of use would end all delivery of upper levels.

The cunning and plotting necessary to create a false and fraudulent highly publicized "gift" of these crucial marks, only to withhold the controlling commercial interests and rights in them, knowing that with just these eight marks, full control could be held and exercised over all of Scientology everywhere in the world, is a deviousness almost too much to entertain. But the facts speak for themselves.

The trademark records in our chronological Documents index demonstrate that things like this cannot happen by accident. Meade Emory, working to establish IRS control over Scientology through the three non-Scientologist tax attorneys he picked as Special Directors for life to run CST, obviously knew exactly what his purpose was, and exactly how to pull it off in a way that would keep thousands, if not millions, completely in the dark. And the fraud has worked for twenty long years.

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