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Why, it's the "Star of Trust." Whatever that is.

We don't know either. It's a trademark, Serial No. 75613592, that once belonged to the "Church" of Spritual Technology (CST) but is now abandoned. According to the Trademark Office records, it was first used on 31 August 1982 to "indicate membership in the Star of Trust organization." It gives us the heebie-jeebies. We don't know anybody who would want their daughters or sisters to have "membership" in something represented by an inverted pentagram, but whatever turns your crank.

Memo to any demons who were relying on it as a portal into this dimension: its abandon date was 18 January 2000. Sorry. Try a Ouija board.

Then again, it was still active when the IRS granted CST tax exemption on 1 October 1993, so... . Well: there you have it.

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