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DOCUMENT TITLE: Religious Technology Center (RTC)
SUBJECT: Corporate information on Religious Technology Center
PARTIES: Lenske, Lenske & Heller, law firm drafting corporate documents; Sherman Lenske, Registered Agent; Mark Rathbun, President (Current President is Warren McShane); Meade Emory, creator of the entire corporate structure plan


Religious Technology Center is incorporated on 1 January 1982, a Friday.

The final building block necessary in the IRS/Meade Emory plan before setting up the most important corporation, Church of Spritual Technology (CST). RTC is designed to appear to be the controlling corporation, the main "front" for CST. But first there has to be a large public spectacle of RTC being "given" trademarks and the "Advanced Technology" by "L. Ron Hubbard." And so we approach the fateful day of 10 May 1982, one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated in history.

One other note: According to Sherman Lenske in a 12 November 1995 Declaration, L. Ron Hubbard personally approved the incorporation of RTC. So, where is this personal approval? Sherman Lenske has it. You can contact him at http://lenskelaw.lawoffice.com/. And the IRS has a copy, too. Let them know they ought to cough it up. Contact the Complaint Department.

To see how RTC currently fits into the grand scheme of things, see our chart on how the IRS controls Scientology.

Friday, 1 January 1982
Religious Technology Center (RTC) is incorporated
Corporate number: 1063697
Corporate classification: Religious
1710 Ivar Avenue #1100
Los Angeles, California 90028
Sherman Lenske, Registered Agent
Mark Rathbun, President (Current President is Warren McShane)

Statement of officers filed 02/02/98, file number 53898
Restated articles under Amendment A0253931, 09/13/82
Amendment under A0279095, 03/14/84
Tax Board Suspension 06/01/84; Revived 06/08/84
Amended under A0315514, 05/13/86
Tax Board Suspension 08/03/87; Revived 08/31/87
Amended A0449579, 07/29/94
Amended 07/07/97

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