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DOCUMENT TITLE: Church of Scientology International (CSI)
SUBJECT: Corporate information on Church of Scientology International
PARTIES: Lenske, Lenske & Heller, law firm drafting corporate documents; Jeanne M. Gavigan, Registered Agent; Heber Jentzsch, President; Meade Emory, creator of the entire corporate structure plan


The Church of Scientology International is incorporated on 19 November 1981, a Thursday.

Another corporation created by Lenske, Lenske & Heller, CSI is the next major building block in the Meade Emory/IRS master plan. This will be termed the "mother church" and be, to the general public, the administrative headquarters, housing the Executive Director International and Scientology "President" Heber Jentzsch, as well as the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). But CSI is a crippled middle management corporation, entirely dependent on licenses for trademarks and copyrights that are all controlled by CST, some of them through RTC as merely a blind to hide CST's ownership and control. Emory plants a key control point in this organization, though, through OSA's "Tax Compliance Office."

To see how CSI currently fits into the grand scheme of things, see our chart on how the IRS controls Scientology.

Thursday, 19 November 1981
Church of Scientology International (CSI) is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Religious
Jeanne M. Gavigan, Registered Agent
Heber Jentzsch, President

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