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DOCUMENT TITLE: Business Management Agreement (LRH/ASI)
SUBJECT: An agreement purportedly executed 10 May 1982 by L. Ron Hubbard with the for-profit corporation Author Services, Inc. (ASI)
PARTIES: Purportedly L. Ron Hubbard; party or parties unknown representing Author Services, Inc.


On 10 May 1982, L. Ron Hubbard purportedly signed a Business Management Agreement with a party or parties unknown representing the for-profit corporation Author Services, Incorporated (ASI). No copy of this 10 May 1982 Business Management Agreement is available, and it is only known about by two references to it: one in a later agreement, dated 1 March 1986, between Norman F. Starkey as Executor of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard and Author Services, Inc. (which terminates this missing 10 May 1982 agreement), and another in a 3 February 1983 letter, purportedly from the missing L. Ron Hubbard, which says, "My business affairs are handled by contract with a Hollywood-based company, Author Services Inc."

Of curious note for further exploration, Sherman D. Lenske, in his Declaration of 12 November 1995, names other documents purportedly executed on this crucial date, 10 May 1982, but makes no mention at all of this Business Management Agreement between Hubbard and ASI, which Hubbard had to have also signed with some other person representing ASI.

But who was that other person representing ASI? There are really only a handful of people it could have been, and whoever it is will be one more alleged witness to an alive and well and competent L. Ron Hubbard during the time when he was missing. Or "in seclusion."

One thing certain: the IRS has a copy of this missing Business Management Agreement. If you think they ought to make it public, let them know, loud and clear.

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