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DOCUMENT TITLE: Author's Family Trust
SUBJECT: A Trust instrument purportedly executed on 10 May 1982, included by reference only in the 10 May 1982 Will
PARTIES: Purportedly L. Ron Hubbard; Patrick Broeker (who also witnessed the Will) named in the Will as Trustee of this Trust


A good deal of confusion has swirled for years around a number of trust agreements all bearing the name "Author's Family Trust," some of them with an alphabet letter appended to the name. It seems from the sorted-out record that there was an intention to create such confusion, no doubt created by the architect of all the probate documents, former Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade Emory, to cover up his tracks. Hopefully our presentation can clear up the confusion for researchers trying to understand it.

This entry represents the first of the trust agreements bearing the name, although the document itself is not available.

On 10 May 1982, L. Ron Hubbard purportedly signed a Trust Agreement creating a Trust called simply
"AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST." It is referred to in the 10 May 1982 Will. Unfortunately, this original AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST agreement has never turned up, so it is not available for reading.

However, a later January 1986 Trust Agreement creating
"AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B" is available, and that document says that it "amends and restates" the original "AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST" agreement.

Finally, another Trust Agreement was created in January 1986, called
"AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-A." It is entirely separate from "AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B."

Here is the complete outline of these trust agreements:

1. AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST (no letter designation--missing): 10 May 1982
   Later amended and restated by AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B
2. AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-A: 23 January 1986
   Companion to, and included by reference in, AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B
   (also referred to as "AMENDED TRUST AGREEMENT"): 23 January 1986
   "Amends and restates" the original 10 May 1982 AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST
   (no letter designation)

As a last word, though, the intent to create confusion with the naming and sequence of the trust agreements seems to be embodied in the fact that there is one document created after 23 January that refesr to the active trusts (
AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-A and AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B) collectively as just "Author's Family Trust," and one other document that clearly is referring to Author's Family Trust-B, but does not have the letter "B" where it appears it should have been typed. We have made a notation in our presentation of each of the documents where that occurs.

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