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The name "L. Ron Hubbard" has generated a fortune in publishing. But in February of 1980 (or perhaps even earlier--in the '70's, some claim), L. Ron Hubbard disappeared mysteriously, and was never seen alive again. 
.....Now there is a corporation doing business using his name and literary reputation, calling itself the "L. Ron Hubbard Library." That name, though, is a "fictitious business name." In fact, its primary business address is just a rental mail box--#162--at a place called Village Mail Call, 419 Larchmont in Los Angeles, which is pictured at right. And if you think that we're pulling your leg, that this must be some sort of joke, then click to see the actual "Fictitious Business Name Statement" that was filed with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office. 
.....The true name of the corporation is "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST). 
.....From Library of Congress records, it seems that CST now owns ALL copyrights to everything L. Ron Hubbard ever wrote. The story of how CST came into ownership of all the copyrights is graphed in How CST Grabbed the Copyrights. As shown in that chart, the copyrights did not transfer to CST until AFTER they were granted tax exemption by IRS. But it goes deeper than that. As a result of that tax exemption, CST now also holds the power and authority to seize all trademarks that are related in any way to Dianetics or Scientology, and to seize the confidential "Advanced Technology" (which includes the "OT Levels"). To get the details on CST's power and authority over the trademarks and "Advanced Technology," we recommend that you read this 1992 Claims Court ruling.  But just one quote from that case is telling: "CST has the power to...[take] over the religious trademarks and use of the Advanced Technology, thereby gaining direct control over all Scientology organizations..." 
.....That clearly means that CST has ultimate power over the entire vast domain of ALL Scientology-related entities.  
.....To understand it better, take a few minutes with the SECRET CHART OF POWER. It makes Scientology's current Byzantine corporate conglomeration easier to understand. And it shows clearly that CST (doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library") is the corporation that is firmly in control. For years, that may have been one of Scientology's best-kept secrets. Few people even knew that CST existed, much less the extent of its power over Scientology. 
.....But now that CST's role as the true power in Scientology has been revealed, the new burning question becomes: WHO are the shadowy figures controlling CST--the Trustees, Directors, Special Directors, and Officers? And now THAT may be SCIENTOLOGY'S GREATEST SECRET
.....One thing is known: the identities of the men behind the very existence of CST--its FOUNDERS. 
.....According to the Claims Court ruling referenced above, there are four co-founders: Lyman Spurlock, Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, and Leon Misterek. None of them but Lyman Spurlock is a Scientologist. Spurlock is a CPA. The other three are attorneys. 
.....And now comes the REALLY weird part: co-founder Meade Emory is a former ASSISTANT TO THE COMMISSIONER OF IRS
.....You may be asking yourself about now: WHAT is going on here? WHY all the secrets? WHY are non-Scientologists involved in creating the most powerful Scientology corporation? WHY does it have a rental P.O. box for a business address? WHAT is a former IRS official doing involved with a religion that he doesn't embrace or subscribe to? Why doesn't anybody know the identities of the Trustees, Directors, and Officers? Just WHAT might these people be up to? Could it possibly be...
[A New Slant On Fraud?]