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DOCUMENT TITLE: Copyright Assignment Record, Library of Congress
SUBJECT: Transfer of all right, title and interest in 7,730 copyrighted works from Author's Family Trust-B to the corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST)
PARTIES: Norman F. Starkey, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B; Meade Emory and Sherman Lenske, architects of the probate and corporate restructuring; Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence E. Heller, Special Directors of CST at the time of the copyright transfer, as "consultants" to Starkey (Trustee of both Author's Family Trust-A and Author's Family Trust-B), and as "Trust Protectors"


This is the Copyright Office record from the Library of Congress that records the "Assignment" wherein Norman F. Starkey transferred copyright ownership for all the works of L. Ron Hubbard to the corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST). One small problem is that the Copyright Office was given the date 29 November 1993, when the Assignment instrument wasn't actually executed until 30 November 1993. There is no accounting for this anomaly, like so many others in these many records evidencing fraud. To try and cover up their tracks, Meade Emory and his friends seemed to like to get at least two different dates attached to as many documents and events as they could.

This Copyright Office record merely gives one actual title that was transferred in the transaction, but refers to the other 7,730 titles that were transferred. For a complete list of all 7,730 titles, we have abstracts of all of them here on our site in the "Copyrights" section. You can also get a database available on the internet that contains full Copyright Office records of all the titles transferred in this transaction. The database--Library of Congress data on CofS Copyright transfers--is available in several formats, at http://fzint.org/downloads/index.htm (scroll down to bottom of the page to find it, plus another database of copyright registrations).

Here is the U.S. Copyright Office record of that transaction:


V2927 P669 THRU 679          (COHD)
   RECORDED:  13Dec93
   EXECUTED:  29Nov93
   PARTY 1: Norman F.  Starkey, trustee, Author's Family Trust-B.
   PARTY 2: Church of Spiritual Technology (Los Angeles)
   NOTE: Model of OT ship organization and operation based on 7
         division system & 7,730 other titles. Transfer of copyright.
   FULL DOCUMENT RANGE: (In V2927 P238-724)

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