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DOCUMENT TITLE: Affidavit (LaVenda [Van Schaick] Dukoff)
SUBJECT: Gerald Armstrong in Clearwater, Florida with stolen Hubbard intellectual properties
PARTIES: Gerald Armstrong, thief; Michael Flynn, Armstrong's attorney, accomplice in the theft, and co-conspirator; LaVenda (Van Schaick) Dukoff, affiant


In this Affidavit is evidence of Gerald Armstrong delivering approximately $5 million dollars worth of stolen intellectual property, belonging to L. Ron Hubbard, to attorney Michael Flynn on or about 9 May 1982, having transported the stolen property across the country and therefore across state lines. 9 May 1982 is the date on which the affiant, LaVenda Van Schaick, testified in the Clearwater hearings referred to in her affidavit.

During 1980 and 1981, Gerald Armstrong stole approximately 30,000 documents, including original unpublished manuscripts, later valued at $5 million, from the Hubbard estate property while Sherman Lenske was in charge of the estate property. Armstrong has been proven to have had ties to the Lenskes, and it is impossible that he could have converted that much property without their willing help.

That Armstrong took the documents illegally is incontrovertible: Judge Breckenridge ruled that a prima facie case for two counts of conversion had been made in the Armstrong case, further confirmed by the Supreme Court of Judicature, London, which observed, in a related case, that "Judge Breckenridge held that Mr Armstrong had been guilty of conversion." And a church publication issued on 22 April 1982, after Armstrong had left with the documents, also said that he had been guilty of theft.

Why would the Lenskes want to help Armstrong do such a thing? Because he could be allowed by the Lenskes to get away with it, and the property could then become the subject of a civil suit in which the Lenskes, with the help of Treasury Department personnel, would "prove" that L. Ron Hubbard was "still alive and in control of his affairs." The full story of that is covered in our special report.

The attorney who would help Armstrong, and therefore the Lenskes, and therefore the Treasury Department, in the spectacular show-and-tell was Michael Flynn. At this time, 9 May 1982, when receiving these documents from Armstrong, he is holding hearings in Clearwater, no doubt busy whipping up a storm of advance publicity in preparation for the Armstrong suit.

But Armstrong and Van Schaick aren't the only ones in Clearwater on this fateful day: there is yet another party there, one who will soon be filing his own suit, also with attorney Michael Flynn's guidance. His name is Ronald DeWolf, a.k.a. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., a.k.a. Nibs Hubbard. And just a little over six months later, after the Armstrong suit is filed by Flynn's office, DeWolf will be suing for receivership of his father's estate. And his petition will be accompanied by--you guessed it--30,000 documents.

In the affidavit below, we find a report of Gerald Armstrong delivering the stolen documents to Flynn in Clearwater on or around 9 May 1982, with the stated purpose of them being used in other Flynn suits as well. Timing is everything, and the very next day begins one of the biggest frauds in history involving "L. Ron Hubbard" purportedly (but fraudulently) signing "Assignments" of intellectual property to the Religious Technology Center (RTC).

Here, though, is the affidavit regarding the delivery of the documents to attorney Michael Flynn:

[] struck out
{} handwritten

STATE OF FLORIDA              )
County of Hillsborough        )


     Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared
LaVenda (Van Schaick) Dukoff who, upon being duly sworn,
deposes and says:

     1.  I reside in Tampa, Florida.  I am executing this
affidavit voluntarily and of my own free will.  The statements
herein are made of my own personal knowledge and, if called
as a witness, I can and will testify thereto.

     2.  On or about June, 1979, attorney Michael J. Flynn of
Boston, Massachusetts was retained as my attorney.  He was
retained to secure for me a refund of monies I had paid to the
Church of Scientology.  This resulted in the filing on or about
December 13, 1979, of a suit on my behalf seeking $200,000,000
in damages, LaVenda Van Schaick v. Church of Scientology of
California, et al., U.S.D.C. Mass. Civil Action No.
79-2491-G.  This suit was subsequently settled, on the verge
of trial, on or about June 10, 1985.

     3.  In May, 1982, I went to Clearwater, Florida to
testify at the public hearings regarding the Church of
Scientology.  During this time I met former Scientologist
Gerald Armstrong.

                              -1-           {INITIALS LD}

     4.  I first met Mr. Gerald Armstrong at a hotel in
Clearwater where the witnesses for these hearings were
staying.  When I arrived at this hotel, I was brought up to a
room by a police officer.  Mr. Armstrong was [alone] in this
room {with 2 other police officers}.
  Since I had never met
him before I asked him who he was and whether he was testifying
at the hearings.  Mr. Armstrong introduced himself as an ex-
Scientologist.  He stated he didn't know if he was testifying
or not, but that he had some really important documents and
information for attorney Michael Flynn which dealt with L. Ron
Hubbard, the Founder of the religion of Scientology.  I asked
Mr. Armstrong what he was doing with these documents, and he
replied that Mr. Flynn knew all about it.  Mr. Armstrong stated
that these documents were for my lawsuit and that he was going
to make money from them just like Michael Flynn.  He did not
tell me what these documents were or show them to me, and I did
not know what he was talking about.  Mr. Flynn then came into the
hotel room and told me to forget about the conversation and
Mr. Flynn instructed both Mr. Armstrong and myself not to
repeat any of our conversation to anyone.  Mr. Flynn then
told the police officer to remove me to another room, as I
was assigned to the wrong room.  The police officer escorted
me out.

                              -2-           {INITIALS LD}

     5.  Mr. Flynn emphasized to me when we left the
Clearwater hearings, not to discuss Mr. Armstrong with anyone.

     Further affiant saith not.

                                    {SIGNED LaVenda Van Schaick Dukoff}
                                    LAVENDA (VAN SCHAICK) DUKOFF

Sworn to and subscribed
before me this
9th day of June, 1986

{SIGNED B. A. Osay(?)}
Notary Public for the State of Florida      Notary Public State of
                                            Florida at Largo
                                            My Commission Expires May 25

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