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DOCUMENT TITLE: Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI)
SUBJECT: Corporate information on Bridge Publications, Inc.
PARTIES: Lenske, Lenske & Heller, law firm drafting corporate documents; Lawrence E. Heller, Registered Agent; Liz Astrupgaard, President; Meade Emory, creator of the entire corporate structure plan


Bridge Publications, Inc. is incorporated on 2 February 1981, a Monday.

The Registered Agent is Lawrence E. Heller, law partner in the recently-formed law firm of Lenske, Lenske, Heller & Magasin. Heller will later become a Special Director of CST along with Sherman and Stephen Lenske. BPI is the corporation which will later get exclusive rights to publish the copyrights transferred by order of IRS to CST as part of Author's Family Trust-B. This is the first building block of Meade Emory's master plan of key corporations for the restructuring leading to CST's control.

To see how BPI currently fits into the grand scheme of things, see our
chart on how the IRS controls Scientology.

Monday, 2 February 1981
Bridge Publications, Inc. (B.P.I.) is incorporated. Corporate classification: Religious.
Lawrence E. Heller, Registered Agent;
Liz Astrupgaard, President.

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